Unwanted Mistakes can Ruin Your Wine Cellar Design?

If you are an oenophile, then you have surely dreamt of having your own wine cellar at home. And why not! On one hand, this will certainly bring a sophisticated touch to your home’s aesthetics. On the other, it will create the perfect environment where you can store your wine collection in the optimal environment and showcase them with style.

So, when you are designing your custom wine cellar design, you are surely consulting hundreds of websites and blogs already. You are probably collecting ideas for a long time now. But do you know that making a few unwanted mistakes can completely ruin your endeavor of designing and building a wine cellar? In the following points, you will get to see the mistakes regarding wine cellar design and custom wine rack that you must avoid at any cost. Take a look.

It is not a DIY Project

This is the biggest mistake of all one can make. When you are investing in a wine cellar with plenty of classic and vintage wine bottles at your disposal, you are surely not short of cash. So, don’t think that you can save a few bucks just by doing it yourself. No, building your wine cellar is not a DIY job. Rather, you surely have a vision in your mind. You definitely have planned for it. But a wine cellar needs more than that. It requires expertise to understand the unique needs of your wine cellar. It also requires amazing craftsmanship so that the wine cellar becomes the focal point in your home. And that is why you need to hire repute and perhaps an award-winning company that can design your dream wine cellar. Yes, you have to shell out some money for this but the investment will be worth it.

Not Choosing the Right Location

No matter what kind of a house you have, a big mansion, a bungalow, or a condo, you can have the wine cellar of your dream. But for that, you need to choose the right location for your wine cellar. There are only 5-10% of homes that can have a basement or underground wine cellar. The rest of the houses in Houston will have to go for a cellar inside the house. So, choose the right place carefully. The place should not be exposed to the sunlight as the UV rays and the warmth can affect the health of your wine. Choose a place where there is no vibration. Often if the house is by the road, a big truck passing by can create a lot of vibration inside the house. The wine cellar should be in a place where the vibration cannot be felt.

Not Going for Custom Racking

Every wine cellar is different from one another. The size of the cellar, the purpose, the look, and the number of bottles are always different. Hence, it is needless to say that the demand of each wine cellar will be different from each other too. So, when you are trying to create your wine cellar, a big mistake you can commit if you go for the standard available wine racks. Instead of that, invest in custom wine racks. These racks will be designed keeping your bottles, their size, and the aesthetic of your wine cellar as well as your home in mind.

Not Considering the Size of the Collection

If this is for the first time, you are getting to see your dream wine cellar as a reality, then obviously it is going to be an overwhelming experience for you. Now, think about the most practical aspect here. What is the size of your wine collection? Are you planning to invest in a huge collection that will take up one room entirely? Or you are thinking of a collection that a wine cabinet can hold together just perfectly? Do you have enough space for a room full of wine? Well, if your collection is not of moderate size and you are not sure about the future number of bottles, you can go for custom wine cabinets with wall mounted metal wine racks. Stylish, stunning, and compact, this will also offer the best storage for your collection of moderate size.

So, now as you know about the mistakes that can ruin your wine cellar design, avoid them at any cost. Hire an expert agency that offers wine cellar designs and building facilities and create the cellar of your dream.

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