bodHOST Review – The Perfect Solution for Linux Reseller Hosting

Most people choose Linux technology for business, professional, and personal websites due to its flexibility, maximum safety, and many other advantages. Tech-savvy individuals, in particular, who have a pretty good understanding of technology, enjoy using it to build and fashion websites within its free environment. As a result, investing in Linux Reseller Hosting might be the best move to make.

In today’s tech-driven world, even the IT sector must establish a well-maintained and organized framework for their online business. It is because technology is constantly evolving and posing new challenges to organizations.

For this, you will need a web hosting solution to handle your website, one that offers maximum performance, and fulfill business goals. Of course, in such a competitive environment, one will find multiple web hosting options. But, making a sensible decision is not easy. Luckily, after reading this post, you will be able to make this decision quickly.

In this blog, we will particularly go through bodHOST’s best Linux Reseller Hosting including its advantages and a quick review of the perfect solution.

Linux Reseller Hosting

As the name suggests, reseller hosting is a reselling platform of hosting services. Linux Reseller Hosting is the option to choose reseller hosting only within a Linux atmosphere. Customers can use enterprise-grade resources to create a strong internet presence for their websites. Limitless Linux Reseller Hosting’s exclusive features give users top-tier capabilities to boost their business performance.

Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting Solution

Reseller hosting enables customers to design plans, rebrand resources, modify specifications, and resell them to third parties for profit. Linux Reseller Hosting is a hosting solution in which the middle party obtains huge resources from the hosting provider, such as storage, bandwidth, and CPU, then modifies it and sells it to their customer base, without disclosing the source.

This solution is ideal for web developers and businesses that design and build websites for customers.

bodHOST- The Top Linux Reseller Hosting Provider

bodHOST is one of the leading Reseller hosting providers in the industry. This company is dedicated to offering the most unique and trustworthy hosting solution to its clients. Its cheap-cost plans keep the clients or end-users from migrating to other hosting providers.

bodHOST offers a range of hosting plans with useful features such as 99.95% uptime, the fastest server, a choice of the control panel, a higher level of security, a free eNom account, and much more. Users can also tailor their hosting services to their specific requirements and become the operator of their choice.

bodHOST’s Linux Reseller Hosting Features

  • There is no limit to the number of websites that can be hosted using bodHOST’s Linux Reseller Hosting with cPanel plans. The only limitation is the number of resources allocated to the account.
  • bodHOST offers White label branding which allows you to create and insert your company logo to your control panel to give you a professional look. With this feature, you can easily develop your own distinct identity.
  • bodHOST’s fully managed hosting is a perfect solution for small organizations and web designers because bodHOST’s personnel takes care of the hosting services giving you the freedom to completely focus on your business.
  • All Reseller Hosting plans come with 24/7 support. Support is available through live chat, phone, and ticket system.
  • Easily install the most famous applications and software with their Softaculous 1-Click app installer.
  • Each plan comes with sufficient storage space and bandwidth that should cover the requirements of a small to large-scale business.
  • Highly scalable, so you have the option to scale up or down the hosting plans.
  • The guaranteed 99.95% SLA offered by them ensures that your website is always up and running.
  • Option to choose between cPanel or WHM as your choice of the control panel.
  • Option to set up multiple domain names with each plan, and you get a free eNom account.
  • And last but not least, it is cost-effective and cheap.

bodHOST’s Reseller Linux Hosting Plans and Prices

bodHOST offers 3 hosting plans, namely, Lite, Starter, Pro which range from $10.99 to $21.99. The best part is that the hosting provider offers these plans at an even cheaper rate from time to time, through discounts and coupon code offers. Their best-seller plan is the Pro plan and in this section, we will solely be focusing on that.

This specific plan comes with 60GB storage space, 1500 GB bandwidth, cPanel/WHM control panel (user’s choice), the option to host up to 35 domains, a free eNom account, 24×7 customer support, and 99.95% uptime. The storage space and bandwidth they provide are large enough to cover all the needs of a customer or end-user. This hosting solution is ideal for any online business.

They also have a different section for any security add-ons that you may be looking for, such as spam experts, SSL certificates, Imunify 360, and much more. You can easily purchase any of them by adding them to your plan.

The drawback of choosing bodHOST’s Reseller Hosting Plan

  • No free SSL certificate
  • No option to set up unlimited emails


bodHOST’s hosting solutions will help you to outperform your competition and further the growth of your business. It offers the most comprehensive resources and a wide range of plans while saving money.

By far the most straightforward web hosting platform, Linux Reseller Hosting provides a comprehensive foundation for your website hosting. You get quick and organization-wide resources, as well as client support, with your hosting plan.

If your main concern is rapid business growth, you don’t have to think twice or wait any longer. Simply go for bodHOST’s reasonable reseller hosting plan and reap the benefits.

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