6 Features of an Environment-Friendly Office Space

Are you planning to set up a sustainable office? Eco-friendly office spaces are picking steam as more and more people realise the need to protect the planet. Bringing the trends of a green office reduces business operations to a great extent. So, you need to apply smart efforts to make sure that the office space is eco-friendly.

If you need an office space for rent Kelowna, it might get challenging if you are unaware of the measures to take. That is why you need to consider one small step at a time and switch to a more sustainable one that syncs with environment-friendly efforts.

Here are 5 features to make your office space green and hire the best realtor in Kelowna and Fraser Valley, who offers commercial leasing services as well

Features of sustainable offices

  1. Say not to print

Printing today is no longer a must-have in the digital office space. As a business owner, you need to encourage and instruct your employees to discard the printing of documents as much as possible. Document sharing in the modern world is best managed in the cloud space.  For announcements, a virtual board is a right option to pick.

Your aim should be to reduce waste in the office to make it eco-friendly, so switch to software to cut down on printed documents. Think about modern-day office designs and lease a space that aligns with eco-friendly features.

  1. Reform the conventional office space design

If your business revenue does not allow for hiring an expansive space but still needs to make the office space sustainable, discuss your plan with a custom builder. Chances are that a chunk of the area in your office may have plenty of unused spaces like lobbies or meeting rooms. A small operation requires less space and fewer utilities. So, you can lease a shared office space to suit your work style. Co-working spaces are gaining momentum today.

  1. Green sources of power

When searching for commercial property for lease Kelowna and Fraser Valley, focus on your needs and discuss them with the owner. Commercial spaces today need to be energy-compliant. So, switch to green power sources immediately. Based on where your office is located, change your electricity plan and embrace solar and wind energy. Check the competitive rates of commercial spaces designed traditionally and how they have benefited from changing energy needs. The lesser you depend on renewable sources the better it is for you to switch to a green office space.

  1. Change the lighting fixtures

Lighting is an important aspect of every office space. It is hard for the business owner to compromise with the amount of light that the office space needs. So, a better option is changing the lighting installation tactics. Go for an office space with an open layout with large windows and switch off lights in the mid hour of the day. Apart from this, think about censor lights that work based on motion and are right for bathrooms and break rooms. Emil Anderson Properties is the name you can trust for commercial space leasing. Discuss your office space requirements in Kelowna and Fraser Valley with the experts and pinpoint office spaces with sustainable features. Explore the Tower Ranch homes for sale and grab the best deals on buying a home near your office.

  1. Change the heating and cooling needs

Do you change the thermostat program often? In major climates, reprogramming the thermostat is one of the basic requirements of sustainable offices. That way, you can keep the office a bit warmer than usual to cut down the energy needs. As far as reconditioning the thermostat is concerned, rev it up during after-office hours. Ask your employees to switch off the fans, lights, and various other electronic gadgets.

Reasons to hire sustainable office spaces

Have you ever wondered why businesses are fast moving to sustainable office spaces? Is the concern about the environment and the planet the only reason to go green? Here is a quick snapshot of why office space in Fraser Valley and Kelowna needs to be eco-friendly.

  • Companies taking green initiatives seem more trusted by their customer bases. People like to be associated with businesses adopting eco-friendly spaces. Sustainable measures have a positive impact on business revenue as well.
  • Staying conscious of the environment goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint. That way, other companies may follow suit.
  • As far as business operations are concerned, a sustainable office space reduces expenses to a great extent. If you have been vying for public attention, switching to an eco-friendly office setup is the right way to go.

Switching to an environment-friendly office space may begin in simple ways. So, start making the smallest changes at first before searching for an eco-friendly office pace and feel happy about being reflected in a new light.

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